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Creating a Community
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In the adventure to create new businesses, go alone if you want to go fast.
But if you want to go far, bring others with you.

Shall we make the journey together?

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Learning community

In the ADEGI Entrepreneurs' Forum we believe that sharing experiences based on our successes and failures is a very valuable resource for learning. Being generous when doing so allows us to:

  • Create a space for interaction between entrepreneurs of different ages, sectors and stages of development of their projects. We form a stimulating entrepreneurial ecosystem thanks to the addition of their talents and values. We use workshop-type formats to cover the main topics of business management, collective and individual mentoring sessions... as well as other recreational ones.
  • - And ADEGI provides us with: the knowledge accumulated over its 30 years of experience in the defence and promotion of business interests. It provides us with its company and key advisory resources, as well as the relational potential that generates opportunities thanks to sharing a platform/network formed by all the companies associated to ADEGI.

What we do is what we are

Directly access some of the learning experiences that we have been talking about on the blog

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Community of influence

The Adegi Entrepreneur Forum Association brings together a variety of recently set up companies which have adopted innovative business models. The key to their success lies in working as a "Learning Community" that shares experiences, knowledge and possibilities for collaboration that oftentimes result in potential business opportunities for its members and the rest of the business community. Furthermore in thinking and acting as a 'Community of Influence' that brings together more than 90 promoter teams for new business initiatives, capable of acting with dexterity and knowledge, and influencing those that can improve framework conditions in which entrepreneurs create companies.

  • Specifically:
    • - Put forward legal measures that facilitate the creation of new business projects and tax measures that would favour their consolidation.
    • - Attract a maximum number of investment funds.
    • - Encourage a greater entrepreneurial culture.

What we do is what we are:

Directly access to some of the initiatives that we have been talking about on the blog

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Real synergies

At the ADEGI Entrepreneurs' Forum, we are committed to promoting synergies that have a real impact on the income statement. For this reason, much of our effort is focused on:

  • - Promoting connections (through networking events, fun and relaxed meetings...) between the different companies that are part of the Forum with the aim of creating opportunities and creating business.
  • - To foster and activate collaboration networks among entrepreneurs. These are important hubs of knowledge and experience that facilitate the creation of high-impact projects in the region.

What we do is what we are:

Directly access to some of the synergies that we have been talking about on the blog

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About us

Our venture as a forum began in the year 2011, thanks to the decision of the Business Association Adegi to test a pilot program with several start-ups in Gipuzkoa and the desire of its promoters, born entrepreneurs, to undertake a series of things in both Adegi and in the area. Today, more than 90 new companies have joined that have in common a business model where innovation is an asset and that are younger than ten years.

Would you like to meet us? You can find out more about our Community of Entrepreneurs in our blog, on Vimeo or in the browser below.

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Coordination team

In order to improve the Forum's capacity for action and to work in more depth on each one of the fields that we have undertaken to work on, we have chosen four representatives, who form the coordination team.


Do you want to join this community?

Are you an entrepeneur with a project in progress and do you think that joining this community could help? In that case, e-mail us at foro@adegi.es, and we'll arrange to meet and tell you what we can do for you!

We need your talent, experience ... and want to know what you can mean for this "gang of entrepreneurs" and its business ecosystem in Gipuzkoa.


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They were with us and became "major".

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